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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love is Proof Enough

Love is Proof Enough

If evolution caused our existence, what caused the relational need between us? What caused us each to have a set of emotions, and varied personalities? Why were we not all the same, like the animals?

If evolution caused our existence, we would not need God. We would not need each other. We would not love. Love comes from God. God is love. The two are synonymous. Without one, the other does not exist. Love does not come from the explosion and division of cells. It does not come from thoughtlessness, or the absence of plan or care.

The theory of evolution considers only need and effect, and need. Food, availability, environment and pro-creation.

Because God loved us, he loved us extravagantly. He gives us so much more than we need!

We do not need color in our world. Yet, God gives us color in unbelievable and abundant hues. Even the sky and the water display an array of blues and greens. Even bleak winter offers tones of silver and blue- gray and surprising sunrises and sunsets. Spring and autumn need no commentary.

We do not need flowers. Yet God generously gives us flowers in many variations and species. Each requires an assortment of partnerships to thrive. Each has its own brilliance and fragility or strength.

With thanksgiving approaching, have you thought about the choices you have in the super market? We do not need all the varieties of breads, sauces, vegetables and herbs. We do not need an entire row devoted to cereal. God provides more choices than we need because he loves us, and wishes to see us thrive! He pours his gifts on us like rain.

Would evolution provide us with these joys to our senses? Subtract love. Find what is left.

(C) April Boyer 11/2010

(Undoubtedly, the casual visitor may ask why God seems to pour his gifts on some, and not on others? Because of the result of sin, some suffer greatly, and receive little. The sin may not be their own, but those of their fathers or their nation. But the result of the previous sin, causes more sin. Yet, any individual can be taken out of that sin, and receive God’s gifts. Even – in the most devastating situations. )

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