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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oh my. I am back. Today. I am finding that doing what I want to, doesn’t always happen the way I plan for it too. I wonder how often experienced bloggers must re-assess their time and what it takes to blog on a regular schedule.

It can be difficult to form intelligent thought and process it into words others might want to read, when your life is revolving around the care of your parents. I made 13 trips to doctors in the last 3 weeks. Step dad will learn to take the public transportation, and, like it.

The whole home-care-sharing-household-adjusting-to-each-others-personalities thing has been a continuing learning experience with a sharp curve.

My particular situation is a bit easier and probably different than most. I am not providing physical or medical help. We are sharing household space. We share meals. I do most of the driving, help with grocery shopping and cleaning. I do nearly all the cooking and cleaning. My mother is able to help in small chores.. I do mom’s banking and checkbook, and follow pop’s checking. I manage the many, many phone calls to social security and family services (because of an earlier this year mismanagement by both) and to others. But, neither mom or my step dad are very mobile in other ways

My advice to those stepping into this role? Pray. Take it slow. Make adjustments as you go. Get all the outside help you can. Be forgiving, ask forgiveness. Hug. Talk, listen. Take time for your spouse, children, and friends. Share your interests with your parents whenever possible. Plan outings if possible. Encourage them to connect with their.

I really wanted to write two posts. But I am happy to finally be able to return and write one. I will follow up with the second. I didn’t come by today to complain about my role, or to make excuses for not posting as regularly as I’d like. I came to say I am blessed. I came to say that God is allowing me to accomplish other things in his time. Posting to this blog and other tasks or interests will be when they will be.

This summer, I was able to enjoy the return of my daughter and her family to live in a new house, closer by. We are all enjoying their excitement and happiness. They are indeed happy, and relieved to be in this better place. Their last two years have been very rough and very cramped. This summer, though we’ve not had a real vacation – we’ve enjoyed many small photo moments.

I enjoyed an opportunity to serve the youth of our church in a short workshop study, and to also teach beginning computer skills at our local community center.

I am blessed by understanding friends. I am blessed by God’s beauty all around me, and the small breaks I am taking to photograph what I can. We are blessed to have Jeff’s steady income, and a full fridge and freezer.

I am blessed to have my mother in my life, and to share in her love, laughter and kindness.

We’ve been blessed by enough. Grace.

Oct. 17, 2010


  1. Don't worry about posts, April. You're on God's time. I've had weeks at a time when I didn't have anything to write. I thought I'd bless people by not writing. If I write without the Lord's constant presence, I produce a stream of words, but very little substance. Recently, I can't write fast enough. I never know when my next story will come. It might be in twenty minutes or twenty days. Write when God moves you and then we'll all look forward to reading it. It's good to hear what's shaking in your life. It doesn't have to be earth-shaking.

  2. Praise God for all the blessings in your life.