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Saturday, March 13, 2010


The words above in the new title of this blog, seem to be shouting for explanation. Ok. Unfinished business. God is not done with me yet. He’s not done with you. He’s not done with the drunk, he’s not done with the abuser, he’s not done with the missionary. He’s not done with your worst enemy, he’s not done with your pastor, he’s not done with President Obama.

Isn’t that great news? Imagine what could happen still, in your life-time, with God in control of the big picture! That’s cause for great hope! If you have even a mustard seed sized grain of faith that God can do anything, he promises that it will be done.

I love a current Christian pop tune (Wait and See) “He’s Not Finished with Me Yet” by Brandon Heath.

You also know the song that goes; “the foot bone’s connected to the knee bone”, the knee bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone to the back, the back, etc - on up to the head bone. I like to think that, ok, it takes all that to connect to the head bone, the central most important part – to get any results. But more importantly, it takes those connections to get the whole body in snyc.

So, I may be connected to what’s happening to the individual standing next to me, which is connected to my church or community, which is connected to the state, and the house of representatives, on up to the president, who is connected to the leaders of the world – to make the picture complete. It may not be those particular links at all, yet, you can see how it goes. It takes a lot of pieces to complete a picture puzzle, or a lot of messy threads to finish a tapestry. You have an influence on someone in this world, or will. And the person you influence, affects someone else. You are not alone!

We may never see the links in our lifetime. God is not finished with you, or me, or your neighbor, or the ruler of Quasmania. There is still hope that I will be what he intends for me to be, in spite of my own ideas. There is still hope that I will accomplish what is meant for His glory!

God has the big picture.

April Boyer (c) 2010


  1. I had to smile, reading this post, April. We must be tuned in on the same frequency. Here's my most recent song: He's Working on Me.

    I wake up every morning to start another day
    I ask the Lord to place my feet on the narrow way
    There's trouble all around me as far as I can see
    But that's alright, I don't mind, He's working on me

    He's working on me, he's working on me
    And though I may not be the man I oughta be
    In all I do and all I say, I ask the Lord to show the way
    Brother can't you see, He's working on me

    The Lord knows where I'm going, and he knows where I've been
    He knows my every weakness and he's forgiven all my sins
    He shares my every sorrow, he knows my every need
    And since I gave my life to him, He's working on me

    Words and music by Jerry Rasmussen

  2. Love it Jerry! I am so glad He's still working on me, and what's better- He doesn't give up!

  3. About those connection...last night I was reading Matthew's telling of the Sermon on the Mount (5:14-16) and reminded once again of Jesus' teaching that, as His representatives, we are the light of the world. He explains that no one lights a lamp then hides it but sets it where it shines light for everyone all around. He further tells how we are to let our lights shine so people will see our good works, not for our benefit, but so God will be glorified, the big picture we need keep in mind each moment.