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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



I use the word ‘doubt’ here because I know that evolutionists, agnostics and atheists will have answers that seem to dispute the information here. I cast suspicion on evolution through the use of these questions.

Excuse me boys, but this topic may be a bit uncomfortable for you. Girls – and serious scientists or men mature enough to stand their ground - have you given any thought to the reproductive cycle? It may seem a far stretch to say so, but a woman’s menstrual cycle is proof that an intelligent design included details that could not have evolved because of climatic changes, environmental differences, or a thoughtless explosion of matter.

If I’m not mistaken, motherhood is universal in any species, in any climate, and in any ecosystem.
In addition, the menstrual cycle is so carefully balanced, that we girls know what happens when it falls out of balance. Speaking of which; consider the workings of the human brain in relation to the body’s function. What happens when any one hormone, and particularly the thyroid- becomes unbalanced? Utter chaos. The connection and scale between them is so delicate that a mere fraction of a microgram can cause such a storm in the human body it does not compare to even cancer. Unchecked thyroid or pituitary dysfunction affects every part of the body, including the scheduling and degree of menstruating. Trust me boys, it is so. You guys have it easy.

Then there is the preparation for producing offspring. During the monthly cycle, women desire sex more intensely. Why? So that she will attract her mate, and therefore, re-produce. This is so in all species, but is probably a more intricate blueprint in the human species. After all, look at what happens when men and women want to get together. A lot more than a mere dance of fluttering feathers or bobbing heads occurs. Lions and bears have never had the woes, anticipations or adjustments human females must endure. Could this be a prophecy fulfilled according to Genesis of the old testament bible?

In the continuation of the natural process of pro-creation, female animals and humans were – equipped- with the right tools to provide nourishment for their offspring. The milk produced in the female’s body not only provided sustenance in exactly the proportion needed, with exactly the nutrients called for. It also develops a bond that makes the child call it’s parent ‘mama’ and seek her for refuge and instruction. How did that happen? Determined preparation? Designed plan? Groundwork for a future?

According to some accounts of what evolution is, things become different and change over time because of changes in the being’s environment. How then, is it explained that women, mothers, females of all species have not changed one whit in their mission or as needed on this earth?

God, my God miraculously designed women to be the vessel in which human kind would continue, with precisely the balance of ingredients and tools required to carry out the task. In addition, woman become the vessel in which our Lord Jesus Christ was carried, from whom he entered into the world, and carried out the prophecy of his death and resurrection.

God, my God, is better.

April Boyer © March 2010

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  1. I've read about Creation, or Intelligent design and compared the facts with evolution! How anyone with a brain could attach logic to a theory that Darwin himself knew was wrong by the end of his life.(and he put it in writing) There is not 1 fact to back up evolution. Tell me this people if you took apart a small wind up clock put it in a bag and shook it, how long would it take to reassemble? Answer this and prove evolution, no answer? Can't be done. Now evolution is talking about making something out of nothing, only God can Create life. Scientists have been in labs for over 70 years trying to create life and all they've done is make changes to what already exist and this will come back and smack them on the butt! Don't mess with what God has in His perfect creation, there will be consequences to changing what God made. We are already seeing that, in eggs and beef! Now they want to design the human embryo, to make the perfect being? God did that already, and our sins are the cause of sickness and death! God said if you eat of that tree you will surely die! That's all folks!
    ang dee