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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How much Faith?

I like Marilyn's comment. How much faith does it take to believe that a big bang could have created all that we see in nature? How much faith does it take to believe someone bigger did it all?

Going deeper:
Suppose we put aside the who and the what made it happen. Suppose we consider how a non-entity can manage the different aspects of all living beings, all of our different personalities, different attitudes, and the results of each?

How does a non-entity balance what is happening in Iraq, in Russia, in Bolivia, in Australia and in the states, and for the citizens of each - all at the same time?

How does science manage various weather systems all over the world, and still keep the world from toppling over from the weight of it all?

How has a non-entity script the days and the hours, and the weeks and the minutes and apply each to an individual task?

I know that scientists who have no biblical wisdom, will have answers that come from chemical equations and charts for balance. Yet, I repeat - how does science happen?

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