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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Big?

The difference between believing only in tangible science, versus blind faith and in something that can only be known in the heart, the mind and a “soul” – that which is also untouchable- is that the later also requires one to believe something can be bigger, more intelligent, more able and more capable than oneself can be. To believe that is impossible is arrogant.

There is something that steers our every step yet allows us to make the choices to lift up our foot and put it down, someone able to determine the outcome of those choices well ahead of us, someone who can sort through our choices and those of tens of millions of others. There is a someone who is more kingly and righteous than we can wrap our brains around, holier than any concept we have of holy, and bigger in every way we cannot imagine.

There is an entity which is able to orchestrate every event, every life and every natural occurrence on the planets – at the same time. He is more able to multi-task than any lab-grown group of cells on earth. There is a someone more compassionate than we can every struggle to be.

Yet some are willing to believe that evolution caused from a random explosion was/is able to determine the make-up and actions of zillions of different creatures and living plants with so many variations we cannot count them. That, over the idea that someONE bigger than we intelligently and deliberately conceived, planned in detail and carried out those zillions of minute details.

Intelligent design. How did that random explosion occur? How did those gasses develop? How did those cells divide and multiply? How was human intelligence developed over that inability of other creatures; the ability to believe or store our beliefs closest to the core of our being? Who determined we had such a place, (the soul) and why do we need it? Why does no other creature posses it? Some would say science. What, how, who determined science?

I know some will answer with scientific calculation and measured explanation. I prefer only one measure: Bigger than me.


  1. What bites me is that they teach evolution in public schools as though it were fact. The truth is, it is "THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION" yes that's right it is a THEORY! Also, there is more scientific evidence to back up Creation, but the school system won't even present both concepts. What are they afraid of?? The Truth?
    ang d

  2. Hi April,
    I'm glad to see your new blog!
    As I read this message, other than your thoughts, the one that came to my mind is, it seems it takes more faith to not believe in God (but in what then?) than to believe that HE IS, and that IN HIM, we live, and move, and have our very being!
    Marilyn Sue