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Saturday, November 27, 2010


No Words

Does God answer us even when we have not spoken words? Does God know our thoughts?

This morning, I discovered an answer to a prayer that I did not know I had prayed. God gives us what we need. Are we required to ask for what we need, in order for God to give to us?

I was aware of an idea that had not even really become a thought, deep in myself. Turmoil was rolling there. I was asking myself questions, rejecting the answers, and moving on to jumble and tumble more worries in my mind.

Yet the thought which was merely a seed, blossomed into a prayer from my soul. I spoke no words to God. I asked nothing from Him. The thought, barely a thought, passed away. It did not come to my conscious mind again that day or the next.

Then this morning, there was the answer, like a neatly dressed package, visible before me. It was a simple thing, but the answer was there.

Some would say I had a light bulb moment, an epiphany. Those things are true. God gives us light and understanding. God designed us with an ability to think. He gives us consciousness and a time of rest from consciousness. He fills us with understanding in His time and purpose.

These were all just explanations of what happened, yet in the end were answers to a prayer unspoken.

He promised to take care of us because we are His own. He promised that He knows our physical needs before we speak them. “…for your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him” Matthew 6:8

Though my need was not a tangible one, but was instead a bruised spot in my soul - God knew that need, and chose to answer it even before I could speak it.

If God knows us so well He could number the hairs on our head, and knew us before we could even be called a form; why would he not know our needs? The bible says he knows our very thoughts, that we need to be careful of where our minds dwell. “For the ways of man are before the Lord, and He ponders their going.” Proverbs 5:21

When my heart is broken and I have no words, I am dry and have no breath for them, or my thoughts are hidden because of conflict, I am glad my God cares for me. He knows my needs, my next step, my burdens. He loves me enough to plan my every day.

April Boyer© Nov. 2010

On facebook, there is a ‘like’ link called “God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say.”

A good friend gives more examples of how prayers for her, not prayed, were answered. http://hisdailydiamonds.blogspot.com/2010/10/prayers-not-prayed.html

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