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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GOD IS GOD, and That is that

Well, this blog keeping is harder than I thought. Life always gets in the way, and God always has a better plan. I know I can't promise daily or even weekly posts, but I'll try to write more frequently.
So here I am, back with a new topic I hope you'll use or enjoy.
So many leaders of various created religions have one amazing agreement in their doctrine. Righteousness will overcome evil, after many ages of struggle and tribulation, and the most holy, righteous one will come to take us out of that decay and tribulation.
All of the teachings of these religions come from the ‘ancient of days’, from history and from our father’s fathers; indicating that the words and the teachings were created at the dawn of time in the beginning of civilization.
Prophets of the bible such as Moses from the Christian bible and the Jewish law, the Hindu Krishna’s 4th discourse, the Shiite Islam Quar’an, The Buddhist Sutra of the Great Accomplishment of the Maitreya and more all speak of an exalted Hero, conqueror of evil, who will bring peace to His people in new kingdom.
All speak of this messenger, a holy one, a benefactor, the comforter coming from a place of which we will know nothing, at a time of which we will not be aware, a time not marked - but surely at the time when all tribulation and evil has become unbearable and when “unrighteousness has been exalted to righteousness.” His name is a name different among nations, but the message is the same: these prophets and great leaders of religions have been, and are yet- hopeful for the return or appearance of one greater than they.
Every religion claims that all nations (or men) will be affected. After this time of great tribulation, all evil will be dealt with in a mighty blow and a God more powerful than all evil will reign.
• “His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away. And his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed." Judaism, Daniel from the Bible’s old testament.
• "Him that overcometh... I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the... new Jerusalem... and I will write upon him my new name." --- JESUS- Revelation 3, Bible, new testament.
• "Whenever there is decay of righteousness... and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth... for the destruction of evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age." --- KRISHNA- Bhagavad Gita- fourth discourse
• “God would send forth a man from the people of my house, who will fill the earth with equity as it has been filled with oppression.'"--- Islam- Hadith of Abu Dawud
With such a start he will establish an empire of God in this world. He will be the final demonstration and proof of God's merciful wish to acquaint man with the right ways of life." --- Islam (Shiite)- Nahjul Balagha, Khutba 141, 187
• “another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy One... He will reveal to you the same eternal truths which I have taught you... He will proclaim a religious life, wholly perfect and pure; such as I now proclaim." ---BUDDHA- The Gospel of Buddha
• “…he is World- renovator because he will establish the physical living existence indestructible. He will oppose the evil of the progeny of the biped and withstand the enmity produced by the faithful." --- Zoroastrianism- Avesta, Farvardin Yast 13.129
• beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon the earth. He will be born as Kalki in the family of an eminent brahmin of Sambhala village, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. By his irresistible might he will destroy all the barbarians and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will then re-establish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age, the Age of Purity." --- Hinduism- Vishnu Purana 4.24
• "Well is it with him who fixeth his gaze upon the Order of Baha'u'llah, and rendereth thanks unto his Lord. For he will assuredly be made manifest. God hath indeed irrevocably ordained it..." --- THE BAB- Tablet to the Shah, God Passes By, p.25
• "The time fore-ordained unto the people and kindreds of the earth is now come. The promises of God as recorded in the holy Scriptures, have all been fulfilled..." --- BAHA'U'LLAH- Baha'i World Faith, p.9-11

I do not agree that all religions are equal, or their beliefs. Yet, it seems powerful proof that at some time in ancient history, men were made to believe in a great being, someone holy and mighty with powers beyond the scope of men. There must have been a reason for this belief and hope. Surely, evil has been around since the beginning of time (another indication of the truth of the bible). Would this also suggest that men were also aware of the choice between good and evil, the need for conquering evil, and the need for a greater power to make it happen? Did these religious leaders have a mutual awareness of the destruction of the world because of evil, and of a great redeemer.
Some will argue that good and evil were instinctive in us, and the desire to combat evil is inbred. We lean naturally toward good. Then I would ask, how is that human choice or personality traits were instantly enabled when life ‘exploded’ into being.
Some will argue that religious leaders merely followed one another and copied some of the stronger teachings. How convenient.
The bible has been in existence for more years than any other religious document, and has survived through tribulation and persecution. The bible stands, and foretells all that comes after.
Why is that so hard to believe - when all these other religious leaders agree on the most important news of all? Evil will destroy this world, a greater being will redeem us from our own-made deaths, and God the Father will judge how we have lived. You may choose to name other prophets or leaders that carry this or similar information, but the same is true. A greater being rules.

My two cents.
April Boyer © Feb. 2010


  1. It is possible to concieve that all religions (generally) have their inspiration from the same Divine Source. They are very different in many teachings and outward practices, but it is possible to find common threads and on those common threads dialoge can be held and expanded so that we don't see each other as enemies.

    - dlherrmann

  2. This is very good... a concise summation of world religions. The more we seek commong grounds with other faiths the more we can find harmony in disagreement.

  3. The more we seek commong ground between faiths, the more we can find harmony in disagreement.

  4. As I mentioned before, it's not that I believe all religions are seeking the same God with the same name, or the same objective; but that many of the oldest religions acknowledge the existence of and the need for God. Yes, there is a common thread, and hallelujah that there is.
    We can, and should seek harmony with those who love God, regardless of differences in doctrine and practices. That is, after all, God's first commandment - to love one another.

  5. Congratulations on your new focus! I look forward to reading what you have to say.