"FAITH and Unfinished Business"

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Faith, in my interpretation is: vulnerability, awe, wonder, imperfectness, grace. Self-reliance allows no-one to be bigger or better than you, allows no-thing to be possible without your decision. Are you so reliant on your own decisions that you can slay the world, fix its problems, sway its people to do what satisfies only you? Decisions based on scientific facts sealed in ink, allows no wonderment. It’s all been spelled out for you. Nothing is left to the imagination.
Science that’s been determined leaves no latitude for mistakes, nor redemption. The foundation for science is speculation, theory and revision. Faith in God is based on a foundation that never changes or moves. Faith is belief in that which is unseen, promised by a something much bigger and more able than anything or anyone we can be. Faith is belief, when challenged by hardness, is revived through more faith.

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