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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Exquisite Daily Planner: My DNA

Where did time go? We could argue timespace continuum, but I will just beg forgiveness. I hoped to be back here sooner, but suffered a document loss. Now then . . .

A visitor to this blog brings up the topic of how dna gets it programming. I am not a scientist, nor even a smart student. So I am borrowing from other statements to support my belief and my point. These quotes are from articles you can follow-up on and are food for thought, meat to chew on.

Perry Marshall at http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com/ifyoucanreadthis1.htm asks
“Do you realize that every one of you has billions of copies of yourself represented in the form of DNA? In every cell of your body there is a copy of you. It's an exact plan for your body and it is an exquisitely designed coding system. What do these things say about evolution? What is information? Where does it come from? Have you ever thought about that? What is information? Can you define information?
Excerpt: “. . . modern technology, to date, has not produced an information storage mechanism that is more dense than DNA.) All the information in your hard drive is a lot bulkier than the information in your cells.”
His date shows; “DNA is not just a molecule, DNA is a language. It is actually very comparable to English and human languages in the way that it is structured.
The idea exists in a symbolic form before it's physically built. An idea, in order to exist, has to be represented by a language. Even to have an idea in your mind you have to talk to yourself and have images in your mind of what you want to do before you do it. So we know this: Ideas always precede implementation, always, no exceptions. All languages come from a mind. No exceptions. There are no languages that do not come from a mind. So we know that DNA was designed. A mind designed DNA, therefore God exists.”

Anders Branderud at http://bigthink.com/ideas/16509 “Timespace has a beginning. It is a fundamental law of physics (causality) that every physical occurrence in the universe has a cause. The fundamental laws of physics then require a cause of the universe ex nihilo (since timespace has a beginning); i.e., a Prime Cause Singularity that is non-dimensional and independent of timespace. To conclude the above paragraphs: Fact: No thing nor event in the known universe or laws of physics lacks a cause. Assume: There is no Prime Cause (Creator / Singularity). Ergo: There is no universe. Fact: There is a universe. Therefore: the statement that was assumed is proven to be a false statement by reduction ad absurdum (proof by disproof). (Since "There is no Creator" is proven false, the opposite is true: There is a Creator.)”
DNA does not bursts into being an assortment of living beings by dividing, subdividing and multiplying. It exists by connection in the right places. Every molecule contains information about how to connect to the next, and where. How is it connected in the right places to deliver the desired result? It exists by plan, by carefully coursing out a map, placing each molecule like a piece in a puzzle in the location where it will fit flawlessly and continue to connect to the other pieces and thrive. Intelligent design?
So DNA is a design. It is a language for instructing cells to ‘become’ a particular living being. Language was planned. It did not evolve unassisted from guttural sounds into hundreds of different verbal sounds and expressions. Man did not simultaneously crawl out of the sea at different locations around the world, discard gills and fins, develop legs - and then grow a language determined by his location, environment, climate and dietary needs. Yes, language developed, by education and the naming of things and actions. But thank God it didn’t just spew from men’s mouths in various languages anymore than his own body exploded into cell-divisions and mutations. It was by design that the Brits would speak English, the Chinese speak Chinese, the Philippians’ speak their own rich language, the French speak those round, romantic tones.
My collection of molecules did not evolve from a mad, wild circus of cells dashing about and accidentally bumping into one another, sometimes exploding into more, sometimes dividing.
They were thoughtfully planned with my own particulars for hair color and texture, for my own fingerprint and eye map, and for the ability to articulate - and are mine alone. No copies available. They were given by a superior, creative being.
My God.

April Boyer © 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man, Woman, Pollen and Hummingbirds

National Geographic December 2009 features the wonder of how seeds of many shapes and sizes pollinate. Writer Rob Dunn first makes the illustration “As humans we take many things for granted. One is surely the ability to walk, crawl, or even, after a little too much to drink, drag ourselves over to a lovely member of the opposite sex.”

His purpose was to point out that “plants have no such luxury.” They need to be very near each other, or have very specific paths in order to reproduce.

Human beings can find each other over millions of miles, through many pathways, and have no particular physical, mental, or emotional requirements in order to connect. (including through the internet)

Yet, the message I gathered from this article and what anyone can glean from it is that “wow, what a plan.”
You may consider the event of plant propagation to be a mundane chance event, as this author did. Moss needed water to reproduce. “Most of the earth was brown” said the author. After that, moss hit a dry patch, a dry spell, and wham! Plants evolved to take on the many thousands of shapes, sizes, properties and purposes. They became. They “began” to produce billions of individual grains.

Human beings came along, (out of the water) and developed a purpose; reproduction. Man “became” a host of different colors, with different features, different hair types and skin types, with different languages and cultures. (evolution). They formed a need to reproduce their own kind.

Fat chance? Coincidence? Or Intelligent design?

The human being can crawl, scoot, drag, walk, run, skip, jump or lunge itself towards its desired target. His eyes can make out the objective as something reasonably capable of connecting with him/herself. He/she can make an informed decision to travel hundreds of miles, or two blocks, or across his/her office to connect with that individual. He/she can make a deliberate, knowledgeable determination about the person (though that may be questionable in the average teenager), based on appearance, sexual appeal, attitude, manner and body language. He/she can then further make decisions about approaching the individual, progressing a relationship, or sealing it. The object of their desire may be tall, short, thin, squat, dark, light-colored, with round eyes or narrow, with thin hair or thick, etc. The result of the combination of the two will be a combination of the two.
However, he or she, cannot combine with another species; such as with a monkey or a bird.
God’s plan.

The lowly seed, in remarkable sizes and shapes, must connect with its mate through specific means: wind, water or carrier. Yet, they are connected from the beginning, from their creation, and cannot connect with any other kind; size or shape, and cannot combine with any other type to get a desirable result. There is the exception, however, through man’s meddling to create a hybrid. Hybrid’s are found to be weaker.

Take a look through the eyes and magnification of photographer Martin Oeggerti in this Nat’l Geo. edition. The hues, forms, sizes and designs of pollen grains anywhere from the minute forget-me-not flower, up to the size of a pumpkin seed-. Pollen grains are diverse as the stars in the sky, as the hairs on our heads. Their forms and function range from the protein rich clover pollen that feeds bees (a crucial connection to fruit and other food production), the spines on common yellow mallow that help it cling to bird feathers, to bromeliad grains that allow the shrinkage and swelling of its ridges to hold water and dry without breaking. One species of flower is exactly matched to a specific hummingbird. One cannot exist without the other. The flower produces larger than usual amounts of nectar, and its pollen is distributed by the hummingbird. “Evolved to fit its environment” , says Darwin, “adapted to its needs.” This remarkable diversification is just more testament in my mind, to a thoughtful creator.

Take a look at your average neighbor, or even a family member. How long are his/her fingers? How varied are the colors or his/her hair strands? How narrow or wide is his/her nose? How even is his/her skin tone? What shape is his/her ankle? How do these features differ from other members of your family, or of your neighbor’s family? I’ll bet that some are able to cling or stick, some are able to fly and release, some are able to shrink or swell, or do or don’t break easily - traits that were born in them. What is he/she able to do, that no-one else is able to do? What decisions does he/she make that no plant or animal is able to make?

I believe intelligent design begat intelligent design- as evidence of a creator. The random splitting of a cell, and its subsequently random multiplication has no power to choose, to direct or manage.

My intelligent designer has all these abilities, and continues to manage all of life.

April Boyer © 2010

*How Plants Mate Dec. 2009 National Geographic.

(An unrelated marvel: the Black Chinned hummingbird chooses to nest in communities, in the close proximity to a Cooper’s Hawk nest. It is believed the tiny neighbors use the Hawk as their own personal alarm system and protection agent.)


Faith, in my interpretation is: vulnerability, awe, wonder, imperfectness, grace. Self-reliance allows no-one to be bigger or better than you, allows no-thing to be possible without your decision. Are you so reliant on your own decisions that you can slay the world, fix its problems, sway its people to do what satisfies only you? Decisions based on scientific facts sealed in ink, allows no wonderment. It’s all been spelled out for you. Nothing is left to the imagination.
Science that’s been determined leaves no latitude for mistakes, nor redemption. The foundation for science is speculation, theory and revision. Faith in God is based on a foundation that never changes or moves. Faith is belief in that which is unseen, promised by a something much bigger and more able than anything or anyone we can be. Faith is belief, when challenged by hardness, is revived through more faith.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


To get a perspective of how remarkable the universe is I always go to Job of the Old Testament. When I read these passages, it is clear to me that earth was planned in its position, not a random event caused by an uncontrolled explosion.

Job 26:7
He stretches out the north over empty space;
He hangs the earth on nothing.

The book of Job proves nothing to the person who is uninterested in hearing the truth, any alternative, or any explanation for how the wonders of our world occurred. I find the questions found here establish more evidence of a thoughtful, creative entity- who planned every event, every rank and every parallel between them.

V.8 He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds; and the cloud is not rent under them. [Imagine a cloud which is made up of nothing more than gases, bearing the tremendous weight of water, enough to supply an inch or more over a large area! Then the water is released only as directed, whether it is just enough, too much, too little or just exactly right and in exactly the right place. ]
V. 10 He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.
[How were the boundaries of the seas and oceans, lakes and rivers determined? How were the balance of day and night, the seasons, and the passing of time established?

Chapters 37 and 38 ask questions that science cannot answer satisfactorily. Yes, scientists do have their answers, and they are measured out to appear accurate and infallible. But ask yourself if the calculations of science explain how a big bang enabled the day to day continuing functioning of all living beings, and how they came to be recorded in the bible; which has been proven (by science) to have existed for centuries.

Some other favorites in these chapters include:

Job 38:6 whereupon are the foundations(of the world) thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
For he saith to the snow, Be thou [on] the earth; likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength.
Then the beasts go into dens, and remain in their places. [how have creatures understood the need for hibernation, and have the ability to lower their metabolism when winter made food scarcer?]
By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.
Dost thou know the balancings of the clouds, the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge?
[Can you determine where clouds will be hanging in the sky, in any given place on earth, at any given time?]
Hast thou with him spread out the sky,(which is) strong, (and) as a molten looking glass? [how was it determined that just enough sky spread above every location on earth, with just the right amount of elements for seasonal weather changes, the perfect balance for returning oxygen to us, and just the right buffer between earth and the upper atmosphere; is available to us without the asking, or without a written request?]
Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth? [how are the oceans just the right depth for just the right number and type of creatures to be sustained by just the right number of food-prey? How are they spread like a carpet from shore to shore, in a pattern we could not mimic?]
Where (is) the way (where) light dwelleth? and (as for) darkness, where (is) the place thereof? [How does the sun arrive on schedule, without fail; and depart as expected, without fail – in every part of the world at the same time?
Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters, [how does the water determine its path, and overflow in a particular course over rocks, and downward, crashing below- only in designated areas of the world? How is that there are/were courses for rivers to fill up when needed, and for lakes to spill into gullies and low areas without harm?]
or a way for the lightning of thunder; [Where does lightening begin, where does it go, what determines that it will accompany this storm, and that- but not another?]

There are so many examples such as this that cause us to either believe, or to not believe. The pictures of these conditions cause wonder in my soul. How could I experience the same awe believing that it all happened coincidentally? Only God can cause awe.

The book of Job not only causes our hearts to marvel at the answers we might imagine, it also extols on the abilities of God. Can you envision an entity capable of rendering all the tiny details of creation? Can you visualize someone so much bigger, so much more powerful, so beyond our ability to understand- that can balance our life’s passages, our experiences, our emotional ups and downs? Can we wrap our brains around this something, and allow God to be all encompassing? God Himself, and His disciples of the written word told us not to try to understand. God did not give to us the ability to understand his doings, or else how would we wonder, how would we stand in reverent awe? How would He be God?

Job 37:7 He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know His work.
Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

April Boyer © January 2, 2010