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Sunday, December 13, 2009


How did it happen that creatures and plants rely on one another, and without their host or cousin or parent, would die?

How accidental is it that Epiphytes plants live only on the tree canopy in a remote jungle, and why only in remote jungles? This group of plants which, like a parasite, grow on a host, but unlike a parasite, takes no nutrients from the tree itself . They rely on nutrients from the air, falling rain, and the compost that lies on tree branches. This gives the plant an advantage, by allowing it more direct sunlight.
Other plants and animals are crucial to one another. The simplest example is that of rabbits and mice. They are abundant, and feed a host of predators. The Rafflesia brilliant red showy flower that has no leaves or roots, is dependent on jungle vines and flies to reproduce… and attracts them by it’s noxious rotting smell and coloring of dead rotting animal. The honeyguide bird and the ratel (honey badger). Work together to find the honey they consume. The bird is able to fly over grasslands and find bee hives, but unable to open them. It makes a noisy approach, thus alerting the badger to the location of the hive. The badger then opens the hive, and the bird enjoys the leftovers.
How is that they each developed to suit each other exclusively, all because of one random event?

Is it just coincidence that trees scrub our air, returning oxygen and filtering out carbon dioxide?
Trees are not merely ornaments on the landscaper, containers for valuable food supply, shade from the hear and covers from the storm. How convenient they should also assist us breathing!
They are crucial to our lives.

People rely on people for health. They choose to be with other people, co habit, experience one another’s differences and charms, and re-produce more of themselves. Yet, a part of their DNA and mental, emotional make-up requires they interact with other humans in order to thrive.

Humans are the highest form of life. Not only was that planned in God’s creation, but it became a default belief by even in the scientific world. We are the only beings who can make decisions: to be angry, happy, sad, frightened, repulsed, passionate, jealous – etc. We were given priority over all other forms of life, and rule as well. How did the ability to process any emotion, thought or plan come to be?

How is that – since we exploded into existence – our seasonal changes, weather systems, tide and gravitational pull all depend on the fixture of other planets (already) in our parent solar family? How do we depend on two of those planets for our very life, if not by design?

Connections. They were planned, decided and determined. They did not happen by chance or by an accidental explosion or cells - all merrily merging or dividing and then forming a sudden ability to plan the fates of real human lives.

I prefer to think that my design was planned by an intelligent being.

April Boyer (c) Dec. 2009

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