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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Week In Review

This week’s review.

The governing board at Ashland Nazarene church approved the study materials for the youth group later this summer. Taken from Seeds in Season Bible Study for Writers,© we will be using some of the material for “Creative God” bible study and workshop. I’m so excited!

We will also host the Quiet Love Foundation drama team which is hearing -impaired individuals doing black light, painted face drama and music. They are outstanding! It could not have come at a better time.

The youth leader is looking for interactive opportunities for our half-dozen teens. Such a small group, it makes one sad. But they are souls for the kingdom, and our job to influence them. Too many of the leaders in this church are much older, and that makes for difficult communications for teens.

I am polishing up material for the basic computer course to start at the Kroc Center in two weeks. This will be great exposure for me. The hourly pay is nice, but it’s only 8 hours total (for now). So the income for my efforts will be swallowed up and soon as it is placed.

This morning, prepared to get in the shower and wash my hair, and get ready for church. No go. No water. The 3 inches of rain in the area which flooded streets, creeks, low areas, ditches and basements – mostly – also flooded our well pit, frying the sump pump and probably the water pump as well. This will be an all day fix, no doubt. Friend stopped by with two pumps he had on hand. But they may not work after all.

The insult to the injury is that it has been Jeff’s intention to build an above ground pump house- planned for over 3 years now. We don’t use the well anymore, but the water pump remained there after we replaced the well with a cistern. Ah – county living.

We were not looking forward to another expense. We just bought a new (97) Chevy truck. It has been on hold for over a year, and was needed. As the pirate’s English would put it – Arrrrgggghhhh.

Many farmer’s fields and home gardens will need re-planting in the area. I do feel that Jeff’s time has come to hold off on gardening at all. It would appear so.

The Jacob’s ladder flower is blooming aggressively in our largest garden. It reminds me of many bible stories, and charms me with it’s little star like trailers. I am also glad for its presence, and for the dainty tickseed flowers too, as they may help push out the aggressive daisies. Jeff planted one clump last year, and now we have hundreds overwhelming the spot. We will likely have to pull out what’s left, after he has re-planted a few in a safer place.

The Asparagus has seen its better day. But soon, we will have blueberries; enough to share. I manage to put up 12 to 20 quart bags some years.

A high point this week was the appearance of Sandhill cranes. Driving by our new park, a canoe access park called Hopkin’s Landing- we happened on a couple taking their ease in the farm field near by. That was a lifer, in the language of dedicated birders! At home, we’ve enjoyed the visits of a Brown Thrasher, scratching around in the mulch and leaves. Nearby, I’ve seen flocks of Cedar Waxwings, a favorite of mine.

News that caught my eye this morning: An Arizonian legal immigrant who came forward to tell her brothers and sisters of Mexico to get with the program. In my humble opinion, the problem Arizona is trying to distil is not racial profiling at all. They are rightly trying to stem the illegal entry of aliens. Our country is no longer able to support those flowing in, illegal or otherwise, that is evident. Its time Americans face that fact.

Other news included the fight over the proposed building of a Mosque at ground zero. Whether you believe it is alright for Muslims who do not follow the violent code, and who want to embrace all religions and cultures, or if you believe that the Muslims cannot be identified as separate ethnicities- the question in many minds remain: Why there, and why now? It is well known among many that the violent Muslim population have a secret agenda that is rapidly getting a foothold in American society and government. To build a Mosque here, whatever the belief, is an insult, is thoughtless, and is a brand. Here is a burial ground of heroes who suffered at the hands of terriorists- countrymen, sisters, brothers, or comrades to the individuals intent to building on this site. It is the practice of the Jihad to do just that. So in spite of any pretty, peaceful talk from this group, it just doesn’t come off as truth. Why here? Why now?

News from family and others:

My daughter, who went back to college last year while continuing to raise her middle-graders, and her husband who went to college for the first time, will be moving back to ‘their’ home town near here- Wellington Ohio. However, they could not find one single house or rental available in acceptable driving distance. Not one! They will be living in very temporary circumstances, and even willing to camp out for the summer! Son-in-law has a new, excellent job with very good security (nothing is guaranteed!) so they have enough money. The housing market is good in surrounding counties, but is very unavailable over-all in the region.

Meanwhile, sister in TX is considering walking away from their burdensome house, as are others in the Houston area, because of overwhelming mortgages and very fragile job situations. They are considering moving to Alaska for excellent job opp, with many perks. It is so because it is an undesirable/remote area for families.

The point is – they are not alone. I hear stories from all over about lost homes, jobs, broken families, 30 something yo kids going back to college with their kids in tow, uprooted, desperate for new skilled jobs, temporary homes.

Yes, “This is my temporary Home”. How long Lord?! Praise His name!

Our week in review. June 7/2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Intended, Prepared, Accomplished and Maintained

An Example of Intelligent Design

Intended, Prepared, Accomplished and Maintained

(Facts copied from Moody Press)

The Dromedary Camel (Arabian Camel) dwells in harsh conditions. Water is hard to find, travel is extensive, and food can be scarce as well. The climate is exhaustingly hot, and dry. A camel is equipped and may be required to carry heavy burdens and to answer to a demanding master. This master is capable of training such an animal as no other can be, and adjust his needs to what the camel can do.

When hungry, and nothing organic is available, a camel can survive on your leather bridle, a piece of rope, your tent . . . or your shoes. His mouth is tough enough to manipulate a cactus.

The camel’s 80 lb hump is filled with fat- fuel for his body. It is not filled with water, as some believe. Is it just coincidence that this animal is able to survive in the very conditions in which he is found to live?

No food, no problem. The camel survives on the fuel reserve in his own body.
When the camel does get to water, he can consume 27 gallons in 10 minutes.
It travels to the camel’s stomach, where it is almost immediately absorbed by every part of his body. Though when scientists tested his stomach only 10 minutes after drinking the water, it was empty.

In a day, he can carry 400 lbs across 100 miles of hot dry desert, and never stop for food or drink. In fact, he can go 8 days without water. But by then, he has lost 227 lbs. – without being ill. The camel’s billions of cells have lost their water, and are flat. So he looks flat. The camel’s blood is 94% water, just a human’s blood contains. Without water, heat and sun rob only a little water from his blood, losing up to 40% of the water, and still he remains healthy. After obtaining water he regains the 227 lbs he lost!

When humans or most animals lose only 5- 10 % of their body’s water, they can become blind, deaf and insane. At only 12% loss, your blood thickens to the point your heart cannot pump it any longer. A camel can survive and even thrive on much less body water.

A camel also retains water in unique ways. A specially designed nose that saves water traps warm, moist air from the lungs and absorbs it in the nasal membranes.

The system works to cool the animal as well, at as much as 18 degrees cooler that than the rest of his body.

If the camel developed from a sea animal to this remarkably opposite creature, would he then magically acquire every single feature necessary and specific to his environment?

The camel has specially engineered sand shoes for feet. Wide hooves get even wider when stepped on. Each foot has two long, bony toes with tough, leathery skin between the soles, are a little like webbed feet. They don’t sink in the soft sand, and are capable of taking heavy loads.

Nostrils containing special muscles are able to close the openings to keep out sand, but still allowing air to breathe. Eyelashes arch over the eyes like screens, keeping out sand and sun. Yet the camel can see clearly. An inner eyelid acts like a windshield wiper cleans off any specks that get in the eye.

As the camel grows, special knee pads form over his front knees. They allow the camel to fall – onto his knees, to lower himself in a lying position.

The camel is equipped with many supplies the desert family can use. Rich milk that makes butter and cheese, thick fur that sheds and is woven into cloth, and young camels are a rich source of meat.

The camel, need to survive long periods of time without life sustenance. So he was designed for a specific job. His body endures the time, and supplies extra reserve. The camel must combat stinging sand. So his body was designed for the job. The camel must tolerate intense heat and dry environment. Yet his body was precisely designed to meet the challenge. He often is required to bear burdens much heavier than those other animals can carry. His feet were designed to handle it, in an environment where it was necessary, part to counterpart.

He is required. He was designed to handle it. The Dromedary camel – was partnered with a people who would need him for the task. People who lived in the same conditions as he. His cousin, the Bactrian Camel lives in extreme weather conditions in the deserts of Asia, where he co-habits with the indigenous people. Specifically matched.

How could these fine details have accidently collided into being? How could the resulting creature develop the particulars necessary for his environment before the fact ? This animal did not explode into the amazing package that it is. Atoms did not split and multiply until it accidentally grew parts essential for a camel.

What amazes be beyond the devised creation in the camel, is the underlying element of care that was needed. I believe the creator cared enough about this not-so-attractive creature to make him feel comfortable in his uncomfortable surroundings. He cared enough to give him specific and magnificence tools. He cared enough about the people of this land to pair them with a dedicated and capable servant.

Again, I prefer to believe – with sound reasoning- that an intelligent designer intended his creation, prepared it for its explicit circumstances, accomplished the goal, and maintains his needs even now.

John 1: 3 says, "All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made."

[Facts by Bob Devine from Moody/September 1981 (Moody Press). ]

April Boyer