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Monday, May 24, 2010


I decided it might be a good way to catch up with some friends who do not Facebook, by having a 'week in review' report.

My favorite picks of the week:
http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=WUQYJ77qa50 Talented speaker tells how the human condition needs work. Good stuff

Just a heartwarming funny about a very young baby elephant, out on his first adventure with water. See if he doesn’t remind you of a two year old near you.

My favorite writer of chilling thrillers, telling a story that needs to be read! “Predator” gives an edge- of- your- seat account of what can happen if you’re not careful about places like, yes, say it, Facebook! Terri Blackstock and I, as well as many other writers and professionals can find good uses for FB, but we all practice careful common sense: don’t put any personal info out there, and think twice about what you consider to be ‘personal’!

My husband, son and I nearly walked into this dandy(above) . That’s honey bees folks. A kind bee-keeper came and persuaded them into a boxed hive. She presented us with honey from her earlier endeavors.

One of the high points in the week is when hubby and I stood in the yard enjoying the Oriole, the Cedar Waxing, the Catbird, all the while my guys talked trees and plants on the phone. Talking birds, plants, trees and gardening is a common topic in our family. Some folks think we’re nutz. But I see there are many 'nutz' on facebook of the same persuasion.

Another high point: posted on my FB, was the review of a new county park (which my boys are very involved with) courtesy of the industrious ACPD. A video courtesy of Eric Mayer, of our 4 acre canoe access that provided an important link on the Jerome Fork and to another small park already on the map. It was a historical accomplishment, and well attended and received. I was not involved, but got the joy-spill-over from my guys and friends.

I have been happily busy, typing up lesson plans for computer basics classes at the Kroc,(community center) and for the 6 wk. “Creative God” workshop for church youth. The lessons and workshop were a bit unexpected, but still a seed in the back of my mind. God grows beautiful things from seeds. In addition to these lessons, I’ve taken on the role of web-manager for my church. All in all, each of these seemingly time-consuming activities add up to only a few hours in a month’s time. Perfect.

With all of the attention I have been giving our expanded household and the emotional stretching, I am happy to be busy again doing things I enjoy. My care-giving role is important to me, and to God. Yet, it is not a full time, nor a physical needs job at this time. Mom and Pop are due home this week after two months away at sister’s in TX.

So God has graciously allowed me to “keep a part of myself” separate from the care-giving role. Thus, keeping my sanity and good nature. (smile)

I was pleasantly surprised, and relived to learn I could obtain a housecleaning service for a very small price. It was well worth the stress and strain it saved me. That’s two big chores off my list.

Another concern that has been on my mind and heart, God has quietly taken care of. My husband is a work-aholic, and approaching an age when he really, really needs to eliminate some elective work. The weather has been just perfect for stalling any of my gallant husband’s efforts to garden big. It was not perfect for those who truly needed to plant gardens and fields, but for his purposes, it was perfect for Jeff’s initiation into ‘something smaller’. He agreed to try some upside down tomatoes, and to garden much less. We have green onions and radishes on the back porch. Now, he may face some bigger challenges a little more willingly. Aging house syndrome demands attention that he just has not been able to give because of the too-many tasks on his now 4 year old list. God works. Mysteriously. And He’s not done yet. It may take some more arm-wrenching on my son’s part (or by God’s divine intervention, or both) to keep husband on target. Sigh.

This Sunday, my family had an annual birthday party bash. My guys: husband, son and grandson were all born last week of May. The weather was wonderful. The kids were amusing, amused, and relatively well behaved. The work of frying chicken, fixing food and clean up was not overwhelming, and fun was had by all.

So there you have it. My week in review.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Kamal Saleem converted to the Christian faith, from his national religion of Islam.

His address to more than 500 people in Ashland Ohio, as the key note speaker for the National Day of Prayer was full of warning.

He told of his former terrorist training at the bidding of Saddam Hussein, of carrying out missions in the Middle East and Europe, and being sent to America to convert Christians and Jews to Islam.

He reminded the crowd that, indeed, a unified Muslim front is bent on infiltrating America as its course to world domination. He stated simply that Christians should be aware that Allah and God are not the same deities.

The one nation of Islam under Allah, is in jihad (holy war) to bring the non-Muslim world under their control. The Muslim world believes from childhood up, that the US and Israel are Satan. They are also taught that liberty, freedom and pursuit to happiness and democracy are false gods who must be destroyed. Boys are brought up from an early age to enroll in US universities and to marry American women to obtain citizenship “so that they can turn the Constitution against you.”

Muslims are strong in Europe and becoming increasingly rooted in American society. There are over 500 lobbyists in the White House. They gain access to large businesses and media, managing to influence coverage.

A car crash brought Saleem to Christ, after he saw His love demonstrated through caring Christian individuals.

Saleem challenged the audience, even addressing children by asking “who will tell them nothing is going to happen, everything will be ok, nobody’s going to invade your world or take your home?”

He concluded with quotes from the book of Isaiah, cautioning that if we fail to sound the alarm, blood will be on our hands. “Who will stand for what’s right, and good and pure?”

Ashland Times Gazette Friday, May 6 National Day of Prayer Community Breakfast, John C. Myers Convocation Center Ashland University Ashland Ohio.

For anyone who is not surprised by what this man has revealed or reminded us of, how will you respond?

For those reading this and understanding it for the first time, how will you respond?

I don’t know for myself how I will carry this information. It is a matter for much prayer. Saleem is not the first Islam converted to Christianity who has taken this stand. Others have done so, but are congratulated on their conversion and for their US citizenship and sent on their way. No one really wants to believe, from the depths of their heart, that this scenario could happen; “not in my back yard”. The common man wants to believe that it is something far away and in a distant future time.

Surely we are in the days of judgment. Even those who do not know Christ in a personal way, are commenting that we are at risk. Despite the extreme weather situations, the devastations such as the gulf oil spill, and the European economic crisis, they, and others with better knowledge are still keeping their distance from God. Why? Does human kind, in human fallible flesh still believe they can solve these problems all on their on? Do they believe no-one greater than themselves can lift them out of this trouble?

Can you believe that there will be a greater kingdom, ruled by the faultless and perfect God? This is our salvation from the devastation that is before us – that is in front of our own children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

The bible tells us of the very circumstances we are now seeing. If this mighty God can orchestrate these events in progress for many decades, why could He not guide every individual’s step? Nations are unraveling, nature is becoming released, and evil is on the rampage and washing over every part of our lives. Yet God offers us love and protection, and an escape from eternal death!

Believe it. We need God!

April Boyer © May 2010